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1. Some General Notes

  • Use this form to post a message for Paul Lutus.

    Hints: The most desirable inquiries include mathematical or scientific questions, anything technical or intriguing, posts that show a capacity for original thought. The least desirable include efforts to convert me to a fixed belief system, assertions of the truth or falsehood of undecidable propositions, questions about HTML, or posts containing deplorable grammar or spelling.
  • If while reading my pages you discover a typographic or grammatical error, or find language that is unnecessarily confusing, by all means write and alert me. Such comments and corrections are always welcome.

  • I receive many requests to make links to my pages. Here is my reply — you have my permission, and thank you. Web search engines award a high rank to pages with many links, so linking my pages increases the chance that others will visit.

  • This form is meant for technical inquiries, private messages and bug reports, but it is not meant for HTML questions.

  • Please make sure you understand basic physics before asking a question about the content of Why is the sky dark at night?

  • If you intend to write and ask for a reciprocal link, read this instead.

  • Many messages ask questions already answered on my site. This resource list may save you some time:

2. Validation

  • First, I need to establish that you are a real person. I am very sorry about this, but you may be aware that spammers, including robot spammers, have taken over the Internet. Please type in the secret word that appears in the graphic image below.
  • Please type this word: 
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  • If you type in the correct secret word and this page rejects your entry, please press the "refresh" button on your browser and try again.

3. Message Composition

  • Note: to simplify message entry, this page saves your entries between visits, but only in browser local storage — cookies are not used and no information is collected for use elsewhere.
  • Now for some normal message entries.

  • Please enter your correct e-mail address correctly below.
    • About 25% of my messages have mistyped e-mail addresses and I therefore cannot reply.
    • Messages that are not accompanied by a valid reply address are automatically discarded.
    • Your e-mail address is only used to reply to your message, nothing else.
    E-mail address:

    Message (plain text only, no HTML tags or links, maximum length 4000 characters):


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