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New World Clock
Version 4.1

Copyright © 2006, P. Lutus.

World Clock
To better understand World Clock, please read this explanation.

World Clock Help
Dear Visitor:

First and most important, if World Clock is not displaying the correct time or time zone for your location, the problem lies with your computer, not World Clock. This is because World Clock relies entirely on your computer's clock and time zone settings for its display.

Second, while perusing my log files, I discovered more people visit the World Clock page than nearly any other resource on my site. So, because the original (Java) World Clock was rather out-of-date, I decided to retire it (it is still available here) and replace it with a better-looking, more efficient JavaScript version.

One advantage to the new World Clock is you can download this page, extract the clock display along with the JavaScript code, and put it on your site after making any changes needed to meet your own requirements. All I ask is that you leave my copyright notices as they are, both on the displayed page and in the JavaScript code block. This is both a courtesy and a legal requirement. Thank you.

Another advantage is that World Clock now remembers your choices between visits. If you select a 24-hour time display, or if you have chosen daylight time, these choices will be remembered and activated on your next visit. I wasn't able to do this with the Java version of World Clock, but JavaScript makes it easy.

Let me anticipate a question I have been asked many times: Why can't World Clock automatically switch to and from daylight time on its own? Well, think about what daylight time means. It takes advantage of the longer hours of daylight during "summertime," which in the northern hemispere means June through September. But if a World Clock user lives in the southern hemisphere, the relationship is reversed — the longest days of the year are in December, not June. Because I cannot know where my visitors live, users must make their own daylight time selection (and the choice will be remembered).

One final note. I have recently received a lot of requests to explain where the New World Clock download is located. This Web page is the display, and this is the JavaScript source file.

While I have your rapt attention, I'd like to ask you to visit the rest of my site. There are many useful resources here:

Thanks for visiting!


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