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Interactive JavaScript Programming

This page Copyright © 1999, P. Lutus

This page allows you to experiment with JavaScript programming. It produces results interactively, even on each keystroke if you wish. It prints any error messages that are generated, and includes a beautifier so your code looks classical, even if it isn't.

Some Notes:
  1. A set of programming examples is available in the drop-down list.
  2. There is a variable named "input" that gets the values typed into the upper window.
  3. There is a pseudo-function called "print()" (not part of javaScript) that allows data to be placed in the output window. See examples for its use.
  4. You can lock up your browser by typing in any number of endless loop constructs. Examples: "while(1);", "for(;;);". You may not really want to find out if this locks up your browser.
  5. Examine the page itself for some JavaScript programming tricks.
  6. While running this page, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, be sure to turn off "script debugging" so you won't have to look at endless message dialogs about errors you may have intended to make. Go to Tools ... Internet Options ... Advanced ... Browsing ... Disable Script Debugging.
Scenario Selector
Input Window (assigned to variable "input")
Programming Window
   Run each keystroke    
Output / Error Window
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