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A free, mobile-friendly, open-source dynamic map application

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Copyright © 2023, P. Lutus

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FreeMap is a free, open-source, user-friendly, interactive mapping application, sort of like Google Maps but not part of any corporate, advertising or money-making activity. FreeMap isn't as powerful as Google Maps, but in exchange no one spies on you, tracks you, or tries to sell you things.

I wrote this tool as part of my longstanding commitment to open-source programming and computer activities. In turn, this tool relies on:

  • Leaflet, a map control tool written by an organization of Ukrainian programmers, also committed to open-source, who live in a country now struggling against invaders.
  • OpenStreetMap, a free map database provided by an international, open-source mapping project with large scope and a larger following.

FreeMap is Copyright © 2023, P. Lutus and is released under the GPL. The open-source JavaScript code that runs the map is located here.

Here are some FreeMap points and features:

  • Like Google Maps, to function FreeMap needs a network connection, so it won't work if out of reach of networking services.
  • FreeMap works on phones and tablets as well as desktop computers.
  • On mobile devices, if you enable the "Update" geographic locating feature, FreeMap will interactively display your location during a journey.
  • On a desktop computer, use your mouse wheel to zoom the map and select a new location by clicking the display.
  • On a mobile device like a phone or tablet, use the two-finger method (moving fingers apart zooms in) to zoom the map, slide one finger to pan, and touch the display to change locations.
  • From left to right, the FreeMap controls are:
    • Crosshair: select this option to show a transparent crosshair at the map center. This helps correlate a particular map position with the displayed/entered coordinates.
    • Update: when this option is selected, the map updates its location every four seconds. This means if you're traveling, the map keeps its displayed position current with no effort on your part, as long as you have a network connection.
    • Latitude display/entry: This entry accepts geographical latitude in decimal degrees (format: ddd.dddd) entered into the degree entry window. This entry also automatically updates and displays map latitude as your location changes.
    • Radio buttons specify the relevant hemisphere — North or South latitude, West and East longitude.
    • Longitude display/entry: same as above.
    • Copy: Press this button to copy the current displayed map position onto the system clipboard. The data format is decimal degrees: (latitude,longitude) ±ddd.dddd,±ddd.dddd. By convention, South latitudes and West longitudes are negative.
    • Paste: Press this button to accept a clipboard position having the above-described decimal-degrees data format (±ddd.dddd,±ddd.dddd). This action will update the map and position display.
    • The copied data format is consistent with that used by Google Maps and other mapping programs.
I hope you find this tool useful. Here's another link to the map.

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