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3D Photosphere Viewer

Select and view local photospheres

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Introduction | The Viewer

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I sometimes need an equirectangular photosphere viewer for my own local 3D spherical images, but there are no easily acquired cross-platform desktop-app viewers. It turns out that with an advanced 3D JavaScript library like Pannellum available, a browser-based viewer becomes practical, not to say easy.

The idea of this viewer is that you:

  • Drag & drop an equirectangular photosphere image into the gray frame below, or
  • Click the "Browse" button below to select a photosphere image from your files,

and the image will be displayed in this 3D viewer with navigation controls.

This page doesn't interact with the Internet after loading, it's just a convenient, local-image viewer.

Click here to see the Pannellum author's copyright notices.

The Viewer

Drag & drop or for a photosphere

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